Reactive arthritis symptoms

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Jan 25, 2013

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Reactive arthritis has the following symptoms:

  • Reactive arthritis mainly leads to the inflammation of the urogenital tract, joints and eyes.
  • Ulcers in the mouth, as well as, rashes in various parts of the body occur time and again.
  • Pain while urinating, urethral discharge and frequent urination are the signs of its effect on the urinary system.
  • Women might also experience a burning sensation during urination and in cases, the inflammation of the vagina.
  • Eyes become red and start burning. There are chances of conjunctivitis and even photophobia.
  • Skin rash and lesions on the palm, soles, mouth and penis (in case of men) are also signs of the disease.
  • Achilles tendon pain, low back pain, pain in the heel are also frequent.
  • Joint pain, as in the hips, knees and the ankles may be ccompanied by swelling, warmth and erythma which further lowers the movement frequency.


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