Radiotherapy Reduces Chances of Breast Cancer Recurrence by a Third

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Mar 21, 2014

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A new study at the Clinical Trial Service Unit, in Oxford suggests that thousands more women with breast cancer should be given radiotherapy as part of their treatment for the disease.

radiotherapy breast cancerThey found that radiotherapy along with breast cancer treatment cut the breast cancer deaths. The treatment approach was found to reduce the chances of breast cancer recurrence by a third. They believed that offering treatment after surgery if there are signs that the disease has spread could slash death rates by a fifth.

Until now, women who have had cancer surgery are only offered radiotherapy if the disease has spread to at least four lymph nodes. Since there is no clear evidence that women with fewer affected lymph nodes would be any more likely to survive and they would be exposed to potential side-effects from the treatment.

The research findings were published in The Lancet medical journal and are presented at the European Breast Cancer Conference in Glasgow.



Source: Daily Mail

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