Psychological Issues of Women Over 50

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Jan 31, 2013

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Midlife crisis in a woman can make her feel old and boring but what can make it more stressful is non-acceptance of the fact that it is natural to be ageing and it is to be taken on your stride.  Midlife crisis can strike women as early as in their late thirties to fifties.


Reasons for psychological issues


For women this crisis can be a result of ageing, children being independent and not needing any more assistance from the mother. Menopause can further aggravate the situation as a woman experiences hormonal fluctuations which can result in emotional turmoil. Further demise of near and dear ones can add to her woes.


Psychological issues in women after fifty are:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Low self worth and identity crisis


Risk factors:

  • Women who are not mentally prepared for various natural transitions in life such as menopause, ageing and children who will leave parental homes for future advancement.
  • Women who have retired from active work life and have been living a sheltered life.
  • Women who lead a passive lifestyle and do not engage in social activities where her sole focus is her family.
  • Women who base their identity with their spouse and children.



  • Any specific event like a milestone birthday which can make a woman realize she is ageing. Demise of loved ones like parents and spouse.
  • Menopause can trigger many symptoms which may feel like being in the dumps.
  • Negative outlook towards future in general.
  • Changes in family structure where children are leaving parental homes- “empty nest” syndrome.
  • Women who have retired from work or an active social life.
  • Dissatisfaction with outcome of life and thoughts of mortality.


Preventive measures:

  • Accept ageing and the various transitions that will or may happen in a lifetime.
  • Say no to drugs and alcohol, they only numb your senses for a short duration and leave you with hangover and depression in the end. Tackle stress by exercising, meditation and having a social circle.
  • Learn and explore something new about yourself. Indulge in your long lost hobby or even be a mentor in your field.
  • Be expressive about your expectations with your spouse and family. Have a circle of friends to mingle around. Who says fun stops with age?
  • Plan your financial state. Effective allocation of funds and savings can help you deal with feelings of uncertainty and dependence. Financial stability plays a part in mental stability; therefore secure yourself financially to enjoy your coming years.
  • Consider medication or therapy like HRT if symptoms are menopause related.


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