Prognosis of Juvenile Arthritis

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Jan 18, 2013

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If your child has arthritis don’t despair because although we know thatit is difficult for the child and you, but all is not lost. Children with arthritis are just like every other child in the world. He or she needs to go to school, play, grow up, get and job, get married, and have families. They may have some difficulty with mechanical problems and may find it difficult to do certain small things if you watch them carefully. They may not grow to become professional athletes or military officers, but most will not be "totally disabled" by their disease.

Several children on initial presentation look bad but most of them do very well. Several advances have been made in the treatment of arthritis in children. Most children with arthritis (> 95%) don't need new drugs, rare surgeries or miraculous inventions. Proper use of the available medications and other resources can improve the condition and help the child to live and grow normally.

Prognosis of juvenile arthritis: Juvenile arthritis with appropriate therapy,generally improves over time in most patients.  Most children with arthritis can lead normal lives without significant limitations or difficulty. Even children with severe arthritis with proper medications, physical and occupational therapy, and other treatment like surgery if needed can be independent and rarely a child with severe arthritis needs wheelchair.

The three important factors needed to improve the prognosis of a child or adolescent with arthritis are:

  • early and appropriate diagnosis of the disease
  • early and appropriate treatment by team of specialist which includes an experienced physician, physical and occupational therapist and orthopedic surgeon
  • patient education—that is proper education of the parents or caregiver and the patient.

Some experts consider that many children with arthritis are disabled because they are told they can’t or should not do certain things rather than actual disability due to the disease. A child with arthritis needs proper diagnosis and treatment. Every child should be helped to reach their full potential. Don’t treat your child differently because of arthritis, he needs to be treated just like everyone else. Give your child the same kind of discipline, allowance, targets and expectations as all the other children. Arthritis affects the body, but don’t let it affect their mind.



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