Prognosis of Hot Flashes

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Feb 18, 2012

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Hot flashes are one of the commonest symptoms of menopause. Menopause is a normal physiological process which every woman has to go through.

Prognosis of hot flashes

Prognosis of hot flashes is good in most women. It does not lead to any major problem although in some women it can interfere with sleep and other aspects of her life such as social life because she may start to dread hot flashes followed by sweating in public. Most women who experience hot flashes will have them for about 1 to 2 years. Some women may not experience hot flashes all together. But some can have them for five years or more.

Severity of symptoms:
Severity of symptoms of hot flashes can vary from mild to severe. Some women may have mild symptoms i.e. sudden feeling of warmth spreads through their upper body and face (the warmth sensation usually moves up the waist, chest, neck, and face) which may last for a few minutes and may occur few times a day.

Others can have bothersome symptoms. They may have hot flashes several times in an hour (as many as 20 times per day). A hot flash usually lasts for a couple of minutes. However in some the symptoms may last up to 30 minutes. Besides sudden sensation of warmth and sweating they may have sensations of nausea, suffocation, or even dizziness. After a hot flash she may feel exhausted and tired as if all her energy has been zapped. The exhaustion and tiredness can last for as much as an hour. If a woman has hot flashes often during the night, she may find to difficult to get a good night's sleep.

Sweaty side effect:
Sweating is a common side effect of hot flashes. The amount of sweating a woman may have depends on many factors including the stage of menopause, diet, and medications. Some women have just have sweaty lip while others may become completely drenched in sweat as if they've run 10 miles in hot and humid summer weather.



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