Problems after a Root Canal Treatment

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Apr 27, 2015

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  • A severely swollen tooth may occur.
  • Gas pressure can build up.
  • Grinding and clenching of teeth can happen.
  • Tooth may get fractured.

Root canal treatment is given to treat the infection caused by untreated cavity. After root canal treatment, most patients do not develop any complications, but some may face problems after this treatment such as pain post root canal treatment, swelling and fractured tooth etc. Read to learn the complications post root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

Pain Post the Treatment

Following conditions cause pain after root canal treatment:

Severely Swollen Tooth

If the tissue of the tooth is severely inflamed, regular anaesthesia may not be enough. The acidic effect of inflammation lowers the effect of anaesthesia that is pH sensitive. In such cases, increased dose of anaesthesia is to be given if the nerve of the infected tooth is still in action. Pain post root canal treatment can be as painful as pain before it.

Gas Pressure

Gas pressure builds up after the dentist has removed the infected nerve from the tooth, but canals and pulp chamber have to be filled. During this time, the dentist uses a temporary filling to fill the tooth interior until the canal is filled. With reduced environmental pressure, volume of air in the interior of tooth increases. Air expands through the root tips thereby, exerting pressure on the surrounding tissues causing pain. A mild analgesic is adequate for providing temporary pain relief. Temporary filling has to be removed for treating the pain more effectively if analgesics have no result.

Root Canal Treatment

Grinding and Clenching of Teeth

Grinding and clenching teeth (bruxism) is another reason for severe pain while getting a root canal treatment or after its completion. The pain is much more in the case of traumatic occlusion of the treated tooth. When one clenches the pressure moves towards the already inflamed periodontal ligaments and bone around the treated tooth tips. This gives rise to discomfort and root canal pain. Stopping the habit of grinding and clenching the teeth for sometime will relieve you from root canal pain.

Swelling after Root Canal Treatment

Another complication that can occur after root canal treatment is swelling of the area around the treated tooth. Usually, anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed to reduce inflammation after root canal treatment. Swelling could be because of faulty method of root canal or re-infection of the treated tooth. For effective treatment of swelling, its real cause must be diagnosed.

Fracture of the Tooth

It is recommended that after the root canal treatment, the patient go for crowning of the tooth. After root canal, the infected tooth becomes brittle and is prone to fracture. The crowning of that tooth will save its natural structure. It strengthens the weak tooth and conceals the discoloration that has resulted by the root canal treatment.

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