Probiotic Yoghurt may change Brain Function

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May 30, 2013

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Probiotic Yoghurt may change Brain Function

The researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles now have the scientific evidence that bacteria ingested in food can affect brain function in humans. The breakthrough that changing the bacterial environment, or microbiota, in the gut can affect the brain carries significant implications for future research.

The researchers studied a small group of healthy women of age group 18 to 55. The researchers found that women who regularly consumed beneficial bacteria known as probiotics through yoghurt showed altered brain function, both while in a resting state and in response to an emotion-recognition task.

Tillisch, an associate professor of medicine at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine and lead author of the study, "Our findings indicate that some of the contents of yoghurt may actually change the way our brain responds to the environment. When we consider the implications of this work, the old sayings 'you are what you eat' and 'gut feelings' take on new meaning".



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