Priyanka Chopra gives you tips on how to deal with bullies

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May 29, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Reports show increase in number of bully cases in India.
  • Teach your child how to avoid the bully.
  • Make them learn anger control techniques.
  • They must know how to act brave and ignore.

Former Miss World, an actor and singer by profession and of course a diva, she has had many hearts pumping with her splendid performances on the celluloid. Her presence on screen has been immensely conducive in transforming a non-movie watcher into her admirer. Who else could we be talking about other than Priyanka Chopra?

Right from the beginning of her days of fame, PC represented her motherland India on various platforms. Winning the Miss Universe title helped her embark on the journey of making her nation proud,and there was no looking back for the starlet.

Preventing your child from school bullying

However, the truth is ugly and certainly not glamorous. No matter what one could say in her appraisal, behind that ravishing face hides a child who was a victim of bullying at school. In a recent interview, PC opened up about her nightmarish experiences as a school girl in America, where there were a lot of stereotypes tied with being Indian. PC shared her experience of being called a `brownie’ and how the extreme racist conditions in US forced her to fly back to India.

However, the brave 16-year old girl did not let the spark fizz out. The determined and grown up PC decided to bring relevance to Indian talent and her voyage on this path began with her music.

School Bullying in India

Bullying in Indian schools takes place at all levels and in all shapes and sizes. Priyanka Chopra indeed put up a brave example of anti-bullying but, with the soaring number of bullying cases in India, are you sure your child is bully-free? A report threw some light on the haunting statistics while stating that 31.4 percent of the surveyed children were victims to both verbal and physical bullying at schools. So, if this rings a bell, here are some ways to teach your child to make them bully-proof.

Preventing your child from school bullying

Avoiding the bully

As a parent it is your prime responsibility to sense the looming danger on your child. Even if you just slightly suspect that your child may be getting abused, teach him tricks to fight or cope with it. Prepare them for times when they might have to encounter the bully at school. Teach the child how to avoid the bully by not using the bathroom at the same time when the `bad guys’ are around or by not visiting areas in school that are scantly populated. Your child must have a friend who always sticks around him.

Anger control techniques

The most common reaction to bullying is to get upset and this is what encourages the bullies. Make your child feel more powerful. Make them practice how to be non-reactive. Crying or showing anger should be prohibited.

Acting brave and ignoring

Reaction is what the bullies thrive on. Your child must learn how to stop reacting to bullies and to just walk away. It will be certainly helpful for your child if you teach them ways to ignore hurtful remarks. This would gradually bore the bully, making him to stop harassing your child.

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