Prevention of Mosquito Breeding

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Jan 19, 2013

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Mosquito in skin The best way of prevention of mosquito breeding is to stop their access to the place where they can lay eggs and rest. Since a large part of a mosquito’s life cycle is aquatic, an effective way for prevention of mosquito breeding is to eliminate the possible breeding grounds by removing standing water.

Tips for Preventing Mosquito Breeding

  • Eliminate the stagnant water: Get rid of standing water that can serve as breeding ground for the mosquitoes. For instance, breeding sites such as buckets, old tyres, bird baths and rain gutters must be removed from the vicinity of home and workplaces.
  • If your garden has plant trays, bird baths or fountain, you must change the water once a week.
  • Immediately remove any debris that can hold rain water.
  • Keep the pool water circulating and ensure that the swimming pools and saunas are chlorinated. When not in use, plastic wading pools must be turned over so as to avoid collection of water. One must also empty standing water if any from pool covers, children's toys, flower pots and pet bowls.
  • Empty the rain gutters, puddles and ditches near your living area. Fill any puddle or hole that can catch water. Remember, mosquitoes can lay eggs even in bottle cap that has standing water. Ensure that the doors, windows and porches of your home are free of holes.
  • If you have an ornamental pool then keeping goldfish and minnows can be helpful in preventing mosquito breeding in them. These fish eat up the larvae of mosquitoes.
  • Cut off the excessive grass of your lawn on a weekly basis as they can serve as hiding ground for the mosquitoes. The hedges of bushes in the garden must also be trimmed in order to keep the resting ground of mosquitoes in check.
  • Check your taps and air conditioner units for water leakage and get it repaired.
  • Pesticides are an effective way of preventing mosquito breeding. There are many pesticides available for killing both the larvae as well as adult mosquitoes.

By preventing mosquito breeding one can stay safe from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue.


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