Read the Signs and Prevent Kidney Stones

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May 26, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Frequent and painful urination is often related to kidney stones.
  • Tinge of blood with the urine are a result of a kidney stone.
  • Kidney stone also leads to nausea and frequent vomiting.
  • Due to kidney stone, the urine starts having a foul smell.

If your visit to the washroom has become abnormally frequent and it causes immense pain to urinate then, it is time for you to get cautious about those signs. To your surprise, the symptoms which you had been ignoring for a quite a while can be some early warning signs of kidney stone.

A stone in the kidney occurs when a small piece of calcium from the urine forms in the kidney or the ureter. When other minerals stick to it they together form a stone.
Although the symptoms of kidney stone can be seen quite soon but, knowing these early signs can help you stay alert about its formation.

Kidney Stone Symptoms

Pain while Urinating

If you have been experiencing the urge to urinate a lot more frequently than ever, you must get checked for a stone in the kidney. Also, if urinating is accompanied with pain, your symptoms are clear. The pain occurs when the stone moves from the bladder to the urethra. This movement also leads to urinary tract infection (UTI).

Pain in the Back

Severe pain in the back especially, in the side and the back below the ribs where the kidneys are located indicates a stone trouble. The pain may also shift from lower abdomen to the groin.

Blood with Urine

People who suffer from kidney stones, often experience pink, red, or brown urine. As the stone grows in size, it blocks the urethra and you will notice dash of blood with your urine.


The feeling of nausea due to kidney stones is so strong that you will almost end throwing up. Vomiting takes place due the immense amount of pain which is caused by the stone. Vomiting also takes place because the body wants to get rid of the waste accumulated due to the blockage by stones. To vomit out is be the only way to remove all the toxins from the body.

Kidney Stone Symptoms

Strong Smelling Urine

When you have a stone in the kidney, discoloration of your urine starts taking place. Along with this, the urine also starts having a foul smell which is caused by the toxins that stay in the body due to blockage. It is these chemicals which crystallize and form the stone.

Difficulty in Sitting Comfortable Position

When the stone becomes large in size, the pain becomes intolerable. This causes pressure in the area when the patient sits down or tries to lie down in a comfortable position.

To eliminate the problem completely, you must know its symptoms. If you are encountering any of these troubles, it will help you take early consultation from the doctor which will save you from the trouble in future.

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