Pregnancy Week 1- Pregnancy Week by Week Development

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May 18, 2012

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You might not even know you are one week pregnant!

  • Pregnancy is actually initiated the moment egg is fertilised
  • There are no noticeable changes in the body during the first week
  • Take prenatal vitamins and avoid caffeine as much as possible with the inception of pregnancy

 Pregnancy Week 1 Pregnancy Week by Week Development

Mostly women count their pregnancy from the time it is confirmed. Pregnancy is actually initiated the moment egg is fertilised.

It is better to be a smart, confident and a prepared mom-to-be. For this, one needs to be informed about every step that takes place since the inception of pregnancy.

That is what we are here for. We have brought to you a week-by-week account of pregnancy.

Pregnancy lasts for 42 weeks and not 40. This is why doctors are not able to pin-point a due date. Two weeks of variation is possible in the confirmation of pregnancy.

You would not be able feel anything in the first week of pregnancy. All the daily chores including exercises would not be affected.

What is curious about pregnancy to women is that some show symptoms very soon while others do not experience anything till it is confirmed.

Body Changes in Pregnancy Week 1 – What to Expect?

The physical changes are not evident in the first week but there are some unnoticeable changes happening. Watch out for symptoms like excessive gas, lingering uneasiness or anxiety, nausea and constipation. As pregnancy goes forward, exhaustion might be felt all the time. Mood swings and depression are also common. After the pregnancy is confirmed, you should not hesitate to ask questions from your doctor. All your concerns are important.

Baby’s Development in Pregnancy Week 1

There is no development of the baby in the first week. You are considered pregnant only during the second week when conception has occurred. In the first week of pregnancy after fertilisation the baby is technically referred to blastocyte. It is the result of division of cells after fertilisation. The blastocyte goes on to take the form of a placenta inside which the embryo develops.

Advice for 1 Week Pregnant

  • Do not panic thinking about being a mom. You have 42 weeks to go. Discuss all your concerns with your doctor, including what to expect in the coming months. They will be considerate about all your worries.
  • Express your feelings to the most important person in your life. He cannot unburden you from the load of the baby but you will be surprised to find how much they can help you emotionally.
  • Choose only one baby book for advice. All of them have much the same things to say. Take each week at a time. Before you know it you will be at 40 weeks.
  • You will want to start off the pregnancy the right way by eating the right foods, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to turn into a health freak.
  • Increase fruits and vegetables intake and drink more orange juice for Folic Acid.
  • Take prenatal vitamins and avoid caffeine as much as possible.
  • Alcohol and smoking are a big no.
  • Take advice from your doctor for exercise and diet plan. The better shape you are in, the lesser the complications and the smoother would be the pregnancy.
  • Do not overdo the exercise part. A simple plan will be just fine.

The first few weeks of pregnancy might get you so excited that you may have a tendency to overdo everything or plan too much. Try keeping things in moderation. Enjoy your privilege of pregnancy and do not stress out for every little thing.


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