Pregnancy and Diabetes: How It can affect You and your baby

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jul 13, 2011

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diabetes affect you and your babyWorsen your long-term diabetes complications, such as vision problems, heart disease, and kidney disease increase the

chance of problems for your baby, such as being born too early, weighing too much or too little, and having low blood

glucose or other health problems at birth increase the risk of your baby having birth defects increase the risk of losing your baby through miscarriage or stillbirth

However, research has shown that when women with diabetes keep blood glucose levels under control before and during pregnancy, the risk of birth defects is about the same as in babies born to women who don’t have diabetes.
If your blood glucose level is too high, then your baby also gets too much glucose.

Glucose in a pregnant woman’s blood passes through to the baby. If your blood glucose level is too high during pregnancy, so is your baby’s glucose level before birth.


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  • Prafulla More10 Oct 2011

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