Predictions for gender of your baby

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May 12, 2011

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predictions of the genderPregnancy is a wonderful time. Aside from the glorious expectations for the future and the special attention from everyone around, one thing a would-be mommy always gets is predictions about the gender of the baby. If you’re carrying low, your baby will be a boy, or if your skin is glowing, your baby must be a girl. Another very common one is if you crave sweets while you’re pregnant, it’s a boy; and if you crave sour foods, it’s a girl.

So, how true are these rumours? Not very, say gynaecologists. The most accurate way to predict the gender of the baby is by medical procedures like ultrasounds. According to Delhi based gynaecologist, Dr. Alka Lal, “Foetal gender cannot be determined without the help of imaging technique ie. ultrasonography (popularly known as ‘ultrasound’; but even this can also be not regarded as a foolproof method.”

In most western countries, gender determination by ultrasound is a pretty routine task, unless the parents do not want to know the gender of the baby; but due to the very prevalent social evil of female foeticide in India, determination of the gender of the unborn child is not allowed. But that does not stop everyone and their aunt from having an opinion. So, whether it’s hanging a ring by a strand of the father’s hair over the belly and watching it sway like a pendulum (boy) or turns in circles (girl), or looking at the Chinese lunar calendar for confirmation, these interesting and fun procedures are mostly all just games.

But of course, internet forums and many people swear by these schemes and firmly believe in them like Shweta Kumari of Mumbai. “I have two kids,” she says, “and both times my mom-in-law predicted them accurately, by the way my skin looked and the way I was carrying.” “I think there are things that medical science cannot yet explain,” she says, completely convinced. The doctors, though, are still sceptical. After all, if there’s a 50% chance of getting predictions right, those are good odds!


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