Points to remember: Kidney Biopsy

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jan 15, 2013

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A biopsy is a diagnostic test that involves collecting small pieces of tissue, usually through a needle, for examination with a microscope.

  • A kidney biopsy can help in forming a diagnosis and in choosing the best course of treatment.
  • Before the kidney biopsy, patients should
  • talk with their doctors to make sure they understand the need for a biopsy
  • sign a consent form
  • tell their doctors about any allergies they have and medicines they take
  • follow their doctors’ orders for food restrictions
  • After the kidney biopsy, patients should
    • lie on their backs—or stomachs if they have a transplanted kid-ney—for a few hours
    • report any problems, such as
      • bloody urine more than 24 hours after the test
      • inability to urinate
      • fever
      • worsening pain
      • faintness or dizziness


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