Phantom Ringing Syndrome Decoded

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Sep 13, 2012

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Phantom Ringing Syndrome Decoded

Now, we have an explanation for the phenomenon of experiencing phone ringing or buzzing, when it is not the actual case. A research at the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney suggests that it might not just be in our minds.

Alex Blaszczynski, head of the research panel, said that the sensation is triggered by electrical activity. It is due to the incoming and outgoing electrical signals that touch surrounding nerves and give a feeling of a vibration. The electrical activity to cause phantom ringing syndrome is similar to the noise produced when a phone is placed close to a speaker. [Read: Cellphones Increase Brain Activity]

Larry Rosen of California State University disagrees to the report, stating that people who are anticipating a call or a text interpret unrelated stimuli such as trousers rubbing somewhere as a phone call. Likewise, Michael Rothberg of Baystate Medical Centre in Massachusetts called it a misinterpretation of sensory signals in our brain.

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