Persistent Cough Could Signal Lung Cancer

By  , Agency News
Jul 03, 2013

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A man coughing

The 'Be Clear on Cancer' campaign has warned that persistent cough, which has lasted for three weeks or more, could be a symptom of the fatal disease. It was aimed at reducing the number of deaths from lung cancer and especially targets people over the age of 50, because they are most vulnerable, the BBC reported.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that the message from this campaign is clear - if you have a persistent cough, go and see your doctor. He asserted that the earlier lung cancer is diagnosed, the more likely that the treatment will be successful.

Among other symptoms of the condition include a cough that has got worse or changes, repeated chest infections, coughing up blood, breathlessness, feeling more tired than usual for some time, unexplained weight loss and an ache or pain in your chest or shoulder that has lasted some time.



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