Parlour etiquette: Tipping is just courteous!

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Jan 21, 2011

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Visiting a parlour is part of your life but have you ever given a thought to tip the people who work there? If not, then start thinking. If they do their best trying to satisfy your request you should also tip them just as a courtesy.


Our customers are humble and are pretty much into the unique concept of tipping. We accept their humbleness with open arms as this is their love," says Richa, owner of Richa Beauty Salon.
"I have been a regular customer to my parlour since the last 12 years. The staff knows me well, and I tip 20 bucks to them because of their good work and our cordial relations," says


Meenakshi Saxena, a homemaker.
But others feel it can just be a show off. Ashish Dewan, owner of Beautilicious feels, "More than humbleness, tipping has become a trend these days and generally people treat it as a status symbol."


Deepika, an RJ feels the same, "It can be applicable only when you want to. I personally think people show off when they tip. It's just a matter of standard, which I don't think is right."
But sometimes there can be quite a lot of people to tip and it can be confusing.


Shruti Kapoor, a hair advisor feels, "Let's say you spend about Rs 300 for your haircut. You should first tip the stylist, the one who did the actual cutting and combing: Rs 50 if they have delighted you with their service and say around Rs 20 if it's okay. You should give their assistant a tip, which depends entirely on how attentive they were. And Rs 10 to the person, who did the shampooing."


If you went in for a curly look or a hair colour change you should not tip less than Rs 20 regardless. "You should tip a bit more if you are thrilled with the work done. The general guideline for a beauty parlour is 15-20% for any service provided," suggests Kapoor.
It doesn't matter if you visit the salon only once or twice a year or if you go there weekly, you should tip consistently. You shouldn't pay less only because you don't visit much.


"Our concept is quite simple as we adhere to quality and not quantity. Tipping is not mandatory and depends upon the customers' personal choice. The tip we get, we pass on to our staff, who helps in additional work. That is the credit for their good work, "says Deepika, owner of 'Its Fashion and You'.


If you go to a busy salon and there are a good number of people to tip out, many places will have a box at the desk for that purpose. If they know you because you go there often you should personally thank each stylist and simply leave the tip at the front desk.


Keep in mind:


There will be a lot of staff that you can thank and tip, but remember the owner of the parlour or the salon should not be tipped generally. Many times the owner will charge more for the service taking away the necessity of a tip. A smile is enough in this case!


If you are not satisfied with the results of the parlour in spite of tipping so much then, don't stop your tip so as to make them understand. What you should do is complain to the manager about the service you received and keep the tip minimum.


Tipping is etiquette and also a choice. Try to be courteous always.



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