3-Parent Embryos Result in Healthier Children

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Oct 26, 2012

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parent embryos result in healthier childrenScientists have for the first time created embryos with the help of using human eggs with a DNA from three parents, thereby helping designer babies from inheriting rare forms of genetic diseases. The conclusion was derived after researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University in the U.S. fertilised eggs with the DNA of two women in a lab to help it grow into an embryo.


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The technique involves taking chromosomes from the mother’s egg that carries 99.8% of her DNA and placing it in the donor’s egg, which has healthy mitochondria with its own chromosomes removed. When the eggs were fertilised by sperm, it was found that more than half of them developed into healthy embryos.

The hence born children inherited 99.8% of their DNA from that of their parents and a minor fraction from that of the donor.

Although this technique has been a breakthrough in scientific study, it has already raised questions about its ethics and risks in the UK, where scientists were involved in a similar study a few years ago.

The findings of the current study are published in the journal Nature.


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