Painful Sex or Dyspareunia for Men

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Mar 14, 2013

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Painful Sex or Dyspareunia for Men

Painful sex is more frequent in women than in men. However, painful sexual occurrences can often cause a rash in the skin, in men, if prodded quite rigidly. Repeated instances of pain should be taken seriously and help from a health care practitioner should be taken.

  • Men who are emotionally unstable often find penetration during sex painful. Often, men due to anxiety find the epidermis of the penis stiff and unmovable. This is called as Dyspareunia which causes the skin to tighten up. A spasm of the muscles is common and in such cases one should abstain from sex. Forceful sex for men during this time can hurt or damage the tissues.
  • A clinical inspection of the penis is required to trace and detect the cause of pain. Also, details such as the recurrence of pain while urinating should be kept in mind while visiting the doctor.
  • When experiencing pain while having sex, understand the origin of the pain. Is the pain occurring deep in the urinary tract or is it near the outside region. If the pain is superficial, then lubrication can solve the issue. But one should not be too experimental in trying on various gels or medicines for the same without the guidance of the healthcare practitioner.
  • It is best to abstain from sexual activities such as intercourse, masturbation, frequent application of gels or use of condoms during this time. This can trigger stubborn infections.
  • Men having a history of penis infections have more chances of developing pain during intercourse. A regular check up in such cases is a must. Uncared for infections can also hamper the vaginal health of the woman.
  • At times, due to lack of sufficient foreplay or arousal leave the hormones in the body inactive. This too, at times, makes penetration painful.
  • Cervical problems can also trigger pain while having sex. Usually, a man’s penis hits the cervix at the farthest end of the cervix which is medically called as collision Dyspareunia. This happens because of the tender skin hitting the cervix forcefully.
  • Several fibroid disorders also result in an agonising intercourse session.
  • Check for growths, cysts, warts and lumps in the penis. Get it medically treated from a health care practitioner.
  • Often a retroverted penis hurts during penetration. This does not have a cure but one can find relief in a strategically positioned penetration into the vagina. The tip of the penis should be handled with care in such situations. Bending of the penis or Peyronie’s Disease is common in men.
  • Eczema or psoriasis also causes intense pain along with a burning sensation while having sex. These are not sex problems but skin diseases occuring on the genitals. 
  • Usually if the skin on the outer end of the penis is creasing, darkening or painful avoid applying soaps or indulge in bubble baths. Medicated washes and lotions are prescribed for the same by doctors for a quick recovery.


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  • seichung26 Jan 2012

    hi, am 27yrs old and for the past 5yrs i have this gravy white substance covering the head of my penis every morning even after washing it twice a day(morning and evning) and itchy, and also the skin color is darkening on the head and inside skin becomes red. and while washing out the gravy thing the inside skin crack and it pains a lot specially if comes in contact with water. Also during sexual penetration, the pain is almost unbearable and these thing is really bothering. please advice

  • atmaram12 Nov 2011

    i have no sperm doctors says my wife can not concieve with me what i do.

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