Overlooking Mistakes: Blame your painkillers for this

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 12, 2016

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A new study reveals that popping pills for common pain could lead to hindrance in general activity of brain to detect any wrong action by body.





Yes you heard it right. The common painkillers are inhibiting the brain response to errors. The study was conducted at University of Toronto who studied the neurological effects of the drug acetaminophen. It was found that the behavioral response changes when a person is having pills frequently.


In this study volunteers were asked to participate in target finding task. This task named as Go or No Go was assigned to two groups of 30 members each. Each team member was asked to press a Go button once the letter F appears on screen and to press No Go on appearance of letter E. The main response was to see how quickly a person responds to this action. It was found that the group having painkillers on regular basis showed poor performance.


More research is required to find the long term effect on cognitive behavior on having these painkillers. It is advised to avoid painkiller for any normal pain occurring in body and go for alternative remedies.


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