Osteopathic Treatment for Neck Pain

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Mar 03, 2012

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In osteopathy the doctor treats the neck pain using touch therapy. The doctor identifies the area; applies pressure to relax the muscles and ease the pain.

There are a lot of osteopathic techniques which can be given to treat neck pain.


Counterstrain Technique

Counterstrain technique focuses on the relaxation of muscular twitches caused due to abnormal neuromuscular reflexes. The patient is allowed to sit in a proper posture and then his neck is stretched to restore the neck muscle movement. Any muscular blockage in the neck gets removed by this technique.


Muscle Energy Technique

This technique is mainly used to cure any joint locks in the neck. In this, the doctor asks the patient to perform some stretch exercises. This releases the locked joints. In this technique muscles are stretched and released in opposite direction to relieve the pain.


Soft- Tissue Technique

As the name suggests, the pressure is applied on the soft tissues to remove the pain. The doctor applies mild pressure on the pressure points near the spinal cord. Deep pressure is given on the area that has hard muscles. Stretching is done in a rhythmic motion to release the pain. This technique relaxes the muscles and improves the movement of tissue fluids.


Thrust Technique

This technique improves the gliding property of the joints. In this, muscles and joints movements are rectified by the application of a high velocity thrust/pressure given to the joints and muscle points. This technique also relaxes you from any locked joint movement.



This technique is also known as mobilization. In this technique different kinds of pressures are applied at different rates. It helps the bones in the joints to align in a right manner. It also helps to cure any bone dislocation or loosening of muscles.

The osteopathy treatment is a very effective way to treat neck pain as it doesn’t involve any medication or surgery. Also it doesn’t cause any side effects like surgery. It improves the neck movement, reduces neck stiffness and releases muscular spam. Osteopathy gives an immediate relief from any kind of neck pain.


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