One Symptom That Indicates Kidney Failure in Diabetics

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Apr 15, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Increased excretion of albumin in urine is a sign of kidney disease.
  • Weight gain and ankle swelling may occur.
  • You will use the bathroom more at night.
  • Your blood pressure may get too high.

The bean shaped organs that are often ignored also known as kidney, help get rid of toxins, make blood cells and even helps you look healthy. But for people with diabetes, their kidneys need to have a special attention.

About 30 percent of patients with Type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes and 10 to 40 percent of those with Type 2 (adult onset) diabetes suffer from kidney failure. Here we discuss about that one symptom of kidney failure that all diabetic patients should watch out for.

Kidney Failure in Diabetes

Why are kidneys important for our health?

Your kidneys are important organ of the body because they help in blood circulation, maintain the body volume and blood pressure, produces blood cells and removes impurities. All of these are extremely vital functions that need to be performed so that you stay healthy.

What are the early signs of kidney disease in patients with diabetes?

One of the earliest sign of diabetic kidney disease is the increased excretion of albumin in the urine. This is normally present long before the usual tests done in a doctor, so it is very important for you to get this test done on yearly basis.

In this you could have weight gain and ankle swelling as well. You might want to use bathroom more at night and your blood pressure may even get high at times. As a person with diabetes, you should have your blood, urine and blood pressure checked at least once a year, as this will lead to better control of your disease and early treatment as well.

Maintaining control of your diabetes can lower your risk of developing severe kidney disease.

Diabetic Kidney Failure

That being said, a diabetic should keep an eye out for this one symptom –

When a diabetic person who has had controlled blood sugar, starts noticing that his blood sugar levels suddenly drop on a daily basis, it becomes highly to take a note of it as it might be a sign that his kidneys are failing. Also known as recurrent hypoglycaemia in a stable diabetic, this symptom is often missed or overlooked, so it is also extremely essential that diabetics get a kidney function test on regular basis.

You need to pay attention to the early warning signs, so that you can treat the low blood sugar problem promptly. The treatment would involv short-term solutions — like taking glucose tablets — to raise your blood sugar to a normal range.

If left untreated, diabetic hypoglycaemia can lead to seizures and loss of your consciousness, leading to medical emergency.

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