Officials report a Rare case of Female-to-female HIV

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Mar 14, 2014

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Health officials in the US have reported a rare case of female-to-female HIV infection. According to the report, a 46-year old woman is likely to have acquired the virus when she was in a monogamous relationship with an HIV-positive woman. The woman is said to have been infected with a strain that had 98 percent genetic match to that of her partner. The virus gets transmitted when the fluids in the body come in contact with abrasions, cuts and mucus membrane.

HIV It has been said that in this case, the uninfected woman got the virus from the infected one as a result of routine sexual contact without the use of barrier methods for protection, which involved the transmission of blood through cuts and abrasions that were received during the sexual activity.

The infected woman is said to have had a history of heterosexual activity in the past but none in the last decade. She also did not have any other HIV exposure risks like intravenous drug use, etc. the infected partner is known to have stopped taking antiretroviral drugs in the year 2010.


Article source: BBC News

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