Now No More Popping the Pill, Simply Spray it

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May 23, 2014

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Nasal SprayTaking medication has an all new way to it. Now you no longer require popping those pills, just simply take a nasal spray and you are done with your dosage of medication.

This innovative and effective way of transporting the medicine into the body has been found by the researchers from University of Southern Denmark.

In this process, the solution will reach the nasal wall and will then travel from here through nasal wall to the required places in the brain.

An assistant professor assistant professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Massimiliano Di Cagno said “people with brain diseases are often given huge amounts of drugs. During a long life, or if you have a chronic disease, this may become problematic for your health”.

In order to find a better way to transport the medicine in the body, the researchers turned their attention to the nose, especially the nasal wall and the slimy mucosa that covers it.

The next thing the researchers needed was a medium which would deliver the drug through the nose.

A natural sugar polymer was tested by Di Cagno and it was found that not only it could carry the drug through the nasal wall but it can also release the drug where it was required.

According to Di Cagno “this is an important breakthrough which will bring us closer to delivering brain drugs by nasal spray”.

The challenge which the researchers face next is to secure a steady supply of drugs over a long period.
Di Cagno added “this is especially important if you are a chronic patient and need drug delivery every hour or so”.

The researchers said “we now need to invent some kind of glue that will help the solution stick to the nasal wall and not run down and out of the nose within minutes”.

The study has been published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics.

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