Now an On and Off Switch can help you Burn Stored Fat

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Jun 06, 2014

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Researchers recently reported that a molecular pathway called mTORC1 controls the conversion of unhealthy white fat into beige fat, which is an appealing target for increasing the energy expenditure and reducing obesity.

way to burn fatThe team of researchers who reported this was led by researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The team also found that a certain protein, Grb10, serves as the on-off switch for mTORC1 signaling and the beigeing of fat.

Feng Liu, PhD., senior author and professor of pharmacy at the UT Health Science Center and Director of the Metabolic Syndrome Research Center at Xiangya Second Hospital, Central South University, in Changsha, China said that they everyone knows that to keep the body lean, one must try to get rid of the extra nutrients inside the body i.e. by burning more energy.

Dr. Liu said that understand beigeing and how it can be controlled is crucial because if one can improve the expenditure of energy, one can reduce obesity.

The co-author of the study, Lily Dong, Ph.D., professor of cellular and structural biology at the UT Health Science Center said that usually when a person eats, he/she stores the food in the form of white fat. He added that all the extra food that one eats, he/she must try to burn it and not store it. He added that finding a way to turn the white fat into beige and then burning the energy that one normally stores will have high therapeutic potential for the treatment of obesity and other related diseases. Dr. Liu has finally identified the pathway to find the process of beigeing.

The study has been published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

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