Now, a Calorie-tracker in the form of a Cup

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Jun 16, 2014

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If you are looking forward to losing weight and are tired of keeping a food and drink journal just to jot down the number of calories that you are taking, here is a great gadget for you: a cup that tracks every sip you take. The cup is said to not only track the number of calories but also the nutritional value of the food and the volume of one’s drink.

smartcupThe cup, referred to as Vessyl, is sensor enabled and gives an analysis of the content of one’s drink. According to the Jawbone’s Chief Creative Officer, Yves Beharthe, who had designed Vessyl, said that the cup works even with wine as well as beer.

The cup has been designed by a San Francisco-based company Mark One. The cup accurately identifies your drink and tells you how many calories you are consuming; it also alerts you when it is time to drink again.

The information that the cup provides about your beverage is not limited to the kind of drink you are having, but also its nutritional value, the brand of the beverage and the flavour. The name of the beverage gets displayed on the exterior i.e. when you pour the drink into the cup.

Besides, there is a special mobile app that is developed as an accompaniment to it that displays the statistics, information of how much caffeine or alcohol you have had the same day. When you pour the drink into the cup, the application starts tracking each sip. An appalling aspect of this cup is that if you happen to spill some amount of the drink, the app will not consider it a part of your consumption. The cup has the ability to measure caffeine levels inside the drink that has been poured into it, in addition to protein, sugar, fat and calories.

The cup is made of a glass-like material that holds 385 ml of liquid and keeps a track of the hydration throughout the day. The cup, also referred to as “smart cup”, has an optimal hydration score called pryme which displays as a line on the exterior to ensure that you are well-hydrated.

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