Not interested Turn him dow politely

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Jun 30, 2010

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Not interested Turn him dow politelyBeing a young lass in the city is not really easy. Crushes, boyfriends, suitors…so many things to keep the mind preoccupied. As Valentine's Day is round the corner, as a girl you are bound to get asked out by the opposite sex. It may seem you have hit the jackpot at times, whereas at other times you may wish that you were invisible. Sometimes, it gets a little embarrassing to turn down a suitor. Here is how you can reject a proposal for a date politely without causing ill feelings or having to bear negative brunt.


o  If a guy approaches you in person, it can be quite a surprise. So first and foremost do not fidget or act panicky. Maintain your composure and do not over react.

o  In an attempt to appear over-composed, do not by folly become very stern and start flaunting fake attitude.

o  Maintain eye contact with the suitor and give attention to his words. Give due respect to the proposal.

o  Do not dismiss the proposal right away, or mock the suitor. Instead express your appreciation and very politely decline the proposal.

o  Convey your regret on having to refuse in a genuine manner. Do not concoct excuses to shun him away. Try to be as honest as possible. Remember, your integrity matters.


These are just some guidelines, but you must also rely on your instincts and discretion during the process.

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