Tips to Deal with Nose Bleeding during Pregnancy

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Jul 07, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Increased estrogen levels can lead to nose bleeding during pregnancy.
  • Women who take less fluid during pregnancy are at a high risk of nose bleeding.
  • If your nose is bleeding make sure that you don’t tilt your head backwards.
  • If bleeding occurs for more than 15 minutes, immediately consult your doctor.

Nose bleeding is commonly experienced by people, especially pregnant women. This could be attributed to the many changes that take place inside a woman's body when she is pregnant.

nose bleed pregnancyHormonal changes and increased blood flow during pregnancy can lead to nasal problems. While some women complain of nasal congestion the others experience bouts of nosebleeding during pregnancy.



  • During pregnancy, the volume of blood and its flow increases up to 50 per cent, thus putting pressure on the nose vessels, resulting in bleeding
  • Increased estrogen levels
  • Common cold
  • Women who take less fluid during pregnancy; lack of fluid will make the mucous membrane dry.


Preventive Measures

Even though nosebleeding in women during pregnancy is common, it can be prevented with a little effort.

  • Dry mucous membrane is more likely to bleed than a hydrated one so increase fluid intake during pregnancy. It will help your mucous membrane to stay hydrated.
  • If you have cold then avoid rough blowing. Instead, make use of soft tissues that will help to soothe your nose.
  • Use a humidifier to maintain moist air in your room. Dry air can dry your mucous membrane and cause bleeding.
  • Use pillow to elevate your head while sleeping. This will prevent mucous from blocking your throat.
  • If you have bouts of nosebleeding then you may take a nasal lubricant or use a little dab of petroleum jelly. This will prevent your nasal membrane from drying out and thus, prevent bleeding.


How to Stop Nose from Bleeding

A bleeding nose requires immediate medical attention. Here are some things you can do to ease bleeding:

  • Make sure that you don’t tilt your head backwards. By doing so you may end up swallowing blood. Pinch the end of your nose for five to ten minutes so that the blood clots and stops bleeding.
  • Apply ice to constrict the blood vessels.
  • If bleeding occurs for more than 15 minutes, consult your doctor immediately.

Nosebleeding is common dunring pregnancy, especially if you had sinus problems prior to getting pregnant. All you need to make sure to prevent future bleeding is ensuring that your nasal passage does not remain blocked for long periods.


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  • eileen05 Oct 2012

    Hi, my friends have nose bleed once a week > what can i help her.she only bleed on the left but is abit.isit normal?

  • JB27 Aug 2012

    The doctor should be able to tell you, nose bleeds are pretty normal during pregnancy the doc will check her for bleeding elsewhere . I'm not sure about apsprin as I tried to stay away from any kind of medicine when u was pregnant

  • meena21 Aug 2011

    my wife is 5th month pregnancy. 1st of problem bledding in vagina. than give doctor medicine. after taking medicine bledding stop. in medicine give asprin tablets for one month than after taking bledding in noise some days after. day by day bledding. know stop asprin tablets. please give me suggestion & causes of bledding

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