No Conclusive Evidence to Link Cell Phone Use and Brain Tumours

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May 24, 2014

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According to a recent French study, the users of cell phones may be at higher than average risk of being diagnosed with a brain tumour. But, it’s still not clear if those who use cell phones heavily are at greater risk.

cellphone use dangersA team of French researchers at the Universite Bordeaux Segalen used a cancer registry to identify adults with meningiomas or gliomas, the two most common types of adult brain tumours. The study subjects were interviewed about their past cell phone use, with questions about the model of phone they had used, how long they had used it, the average number and length of calls made and received each month and whether the phones were used for work.

People with the longest cumulative duration of calls were about twice as likely to have a glioma or meningioma than people who had talked less.

Dr. Michael Repacholi, former coordinator of the World Health Organization Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Project, said that cancer registries have not shown a significant increase in brain cancers since mobile technology was introduced 20 years ago. So, mobile phone users shouldn’t worry too much about this problem there is conclusive evidence.

A professor of neurosurgery, specialising in brain tumour management at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. L. Dade Lunsford, said that this isn’t the first time a research is trying to link the tumour risk with heavy cell phone use. He added that the mobile technology is the one of the biggest invention in the last 100 years and it doesn’t pose a serious health threat.

To minimize the risk of radiations, try using a headset or speakerphone when possible, hold the phone away from your body, text instead of call and don’t keep mobile phone under your pillow and use it when you have a strong signal.

(Source:Financial Express)

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