New Trauma Centre to Come Up at LNJP

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Jan 09, 2013

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New Trauma Centre to Come Up at LNJP Hospital

The Delhi Government has announced setting up of a trauma centre at Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital. The decision came after tragic incident of oxygen supply disruption at Sushruta Trauma Centre that claimed five lives.

According to Delhi Health Minister Ashok Kumar Walia, new trauma care services will be commissioned within six months. In the wake of the tragedy, Health Department had been striving to scale up and introduce additional trauma care facilities in the city.


He added that the infrastructure has to be strengthened to save the lives of the serious patients including accident victims. In order to ensure that, additional and advanced trauma care services such as electro-physiology lab for neuro injuries and spinal chord injuries are planned at LNJP hospital.

The services will be operational in the Orthopaedic Block of LNJP hospital. The facility will have 50 beds, including 10 exclusive beds for Trauma ICU. The latest equipment required for MRI, CT scan and ultrasound will be installed along with a specialised blood bank. An estimated cost of commissioning the facility will be Rs. 30 crore.

Sushruta Trauma Centre will remain an important centre for the instant care of critical patients. Nine technicians from Lok Nayak Hospital have been deployed at this Centre now to ensure proper services, including oxygen supply. A new contractor for the gas pipeline maintenance at the centre is appointed, while the contract of PES Installation Pvt. Ltd. has been canceled.

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