New Study: Liposuction not good for Belly

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 05, 2011

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Plastic SurgeryA new study is set to shatter a few hearts! Apparently liposuction actually causes the upper part of the body such as the arms and abdomen to gain back all the fat that was lost due to the cosmetic surgical procedure. This study was conducted by Rudolph Leibel who is an obesity researcher at the University of Columbia. 

According to the research, the body not only keeps a tab on the amount of fat but it also monitors the number of fat cells. When liposuction is performed on a body part it removes the fishnet structure under the skin. Due to this fat cells do not re-grow on the targeted area. However, the body’s mechanism replenishes this deficit by re-growing fat cells in other parts of the body. This means that what we lose post liposuction, we actually gain back!

This new study was conducted on a group of 32 women and 14 of them had undergone liposuction to remove small amounts of fat from their body. The other women in the sample were used as controls. It was noticed that within a year the treated women had gained back the lost amount of fat in their belly!

It is now being said that liposuction is not good for the belly because all the lost fat from the other parts of the body eventually find their way back into the belly.



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