New Blood Test Detects Sensitivity to Aspirin

By  , Agency News
Jul 06, 2013

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Doctor checking blood samples

According to a study, researchers have found a new blood test that can decode gene activity and predicts an individual`s response to aspirin.  This gene expression profile helps in measuring the effectiveness of aspirin. According to a study posted in the online edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the test can also predict, who are at risk for heart attack.

Senior author Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, director of genomic medicine at Duke University`s Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy said that he along with his researchers have recognized the concept of aspirin resistance among a population of patients who have cardiac events or stroke.

To examine this, the researchers gave the same dose to all patients. There were some patients who needed a larger dose of aspirin, and there were few on whom they had to try a different therapy entirely. Ginsburg, who is also the executive director of Duke`s Centre for Personalized Medicine, has said that they need better tools to monitor patients and adjust their care accordingly, and the findings from the study move them in that direction.

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