Neonatal Care Myths and Facts

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May 23, 2011

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Myth - Mother’s milk should not be given to baby for first few hours after birth.
Fact - Mother’s milk is the best source of nutrient for infants and it must be given as early as possible.

- Honey could be a better source of nutrient  for a baby and it should be given before mother’s milk.
Fact - Honey can be harmful for your baby. It’s an unhealthy practice and may cause infection to your baby.

Myth - After baby’s birth first milk should be discarded.
Fact - This is  unknown to many people. Initially, mother’s milk is yellow in color ad even watery. This substance is called colostrums and is very nutritious. It is highly beneficial as it strengthens the new borns immune system.

Myth - For a month new mother and infant should not be allowed to go out.
Fact - A well ventilated room is fine for mother and babies. If mother and baby are fine then there is no harm in going out. In fact  they  both need some fresh air and sunlight.


Myth - During teething discomforts, irritation, loose motions and fever are normal.
Fact - Although discomfort can be raised by swelling gums. This is normal during teething but loose motions and fever are not normal. If they show latter symtoms then the parents must go to the nearest healthcare provider.

Myth - To protect your infant from teething discomforts put teether in baby’s mouth.
Fact - Some teethers are made up of plastic, which is very harmful and unhygienic for babies. They may carry germs and can lead to infection.


Myth - Apply  kajal to infants.
Fact - This myth is being followed since years, people believe that kajal is good for eye sight . But these days there adulterations in kajal and thus may cause allergy to baby’s eye.

Myth - Minor coughing and sneezing may be harmful.
Fact - Minor coughing and sneezing in newborn is normal.


Myth - Lactating mother should have light food.
Fact - Lactating mothers need nutritious balanced diet because infants  derive overall nutrition from mother’s milk only. 

Myth - If the baby’s head is warm, it means he or she has fever.
Fact - Normally, baby’s head is warmer than the complete body. Little change in temperature is normal.


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