Natural baby remedies

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Dec 29, 2010

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Natural baby remedies


Are you a young busy professional balancing home, work and a newborn baby? Do you suffer from innumerable questions like what's good for your baby skin and what's not? Do you hesitate in using products off the super market shelves?





Here are simple and natural home remedies for your angel.


  • If your baby suffers from red bottoms and nappy rash, air those bottoms and better still avoid diapers for sometime, massage those tiny buttocks with pure warm coconut oil and let them sunbathe for 10-15 minutes.


  • Also many young couples have nightmare about how dark their babies' look, well they're not into facials as yet but can be looked after with milk and pure products.


  • Massage your baby after 2-3 months with almond or warm coconut oil, or with a combination of these 2 oils, It works wonder.If your baby is very hairy at birth,  you can make dough out of whole-wheat flour and almond oil very gently rub this on the skin.


  • Every child has a cradle cap, do not have nightmares over it but be very gentle with your babies head, massage with warm almond or coconut oil and leave on overnight. Next day shampoo and rub the scarp gently but finely.


  • Don’t start fretting once the baby starts teething, massage your babies' gums with honey gently and start to give Calcariphos homeopathic tablets once a day.


  • This makes the child less cranky helps soothe the gums.Very often mothers think that  it is essential to powder their babies', this is wrong as it will only make the body more dry, avoid body powdering and instead apply a baby oil after bath for soft and smooth skin.Baby nails are usually very soft and it is often dangerous to let them grow too long as the baby may scratch his own face.


  • This can be quite painful. Either peel the nails off or snip them with a baby cutter.Now that you have some simple and easy tips on benign of your new born start to tackle parenthood with a smile until next time. Keep smiling.


Suparna Trikha (Natural Beauty Expert)


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