Myths about Teenage Pregnancy Busted; Know the Facts

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
May 23, 2012

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  • Women can get pregnant any time irrespective of first time.
  • Teen pregnancy can be safe and healthy.
  • Women can ovulate during menstrual cycle and become pregnant.
  • Contraceptive intervention is effective to upto 99 percent.


Being brought to the attention of conflicting ideas on pregnancy adds to pregnancy blues in pregnant teens. Sources of such information are usually friends and family. In spite of awareness and medical advancement, there remain myths about teenage pregnancy that hover over our heads, but if we learn more about the condition, we will be able to make a distinction between myths and facts.

myths about teenage pregnancyMentioned below are some busted myths of teen pregnancy.

Myth: Girls cannot get pregnant on the first experience of sexual intercourse.
Fact: On the contrary to the belief, women can get pregnant any time irrespective of whether it is the teenager's first time.

Myth: Teen pregnancy can’t be a healthy one.
Fact: Teen pregnancy can be safe and healthy provided the teenager takes effort to ensure the pregnancy term is healthy.

Myth: Adolescents cannot get pregnant during their menstrual cycle.
Fact: Some women can ovulate during their menstrual cycle and become pregnant. There is always a chance of conceiving during menstruation because the sperm remains active within the female’s reproductive organ for as long as 7 days.

Myth: Teen girls cannot become pregnant if they are on birth control.
Fact:  Contraceptive intervention is effective to upto 99 percent. As a preventative measure, another form of birth control such as condom is advised.

Myth: Condoms can be reused.
Fact: You cannot use a condom for more than once to prevent pregnancy. Once it has been unpacked, you have to use it or throw it.

Myth: Birth control pills render same benefits to every woman.
Fact: Prescriptions may be different owing to a number of differentiating reasons such as medical conditions.

Myth: Birth control pills are only consumed right before sexual intercourse.
Fact:  Medication must be taken in a certain way every day to ascertain that a series of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) build up in the body to prevent pregnancy.

Myth: The birth control pills are effective right from the first day of consumption.
Fact: A dosage of the birth control pills extending up to an entire menstrual cycle may be needed for its complete effectiveness. It is owing to this reason that health experts advise using a second form of birth control method along with pills, especially during the first few weeks after you're on the pill.

Myth: A girl can prevent pregnancy by taking shower immediately after sexual intercourse.
Fact: Bathing has nothing to do with the process of reproduction.Once the sperm has travelled deep into the vagina, no amount of bathing is going to stop the girl from being pregnant.

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