Myths about Hangovers

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Dec 07, 2011

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We’ve all been through hangovers at some point in our lives, but very few of us would actually spare a thought for them. For most of us, hangovers are just happy aftermaths of parties or late night sojourns with a mild discomfort that eventually settles down. Hangovers, however aren’t actually as simple as you probably imagine them to be. It would be great to come to terms with some myths about hangovers to know them better.


Common Myths about Hangovers

Myth 1: Hangovers are not just a passing event.

No, in fact, it is actually an illness caused by alcohol poisoning. Whether they are big and long-lasting or small and fleeting, hangovers essentially attack the immune system as well as the central nervous system. The eventual impact of a hangover session is intense dehydration, which is extremely harmful for your system.


Myth 2: I am not a binge drinker, so, hangovers cannot happen to me.

That’s a gross mistake! Although the chances of a hangover seemingly increases with binge drinking, whether you get one or not would depend on a host of other factors. For example, your hydration levels, the amount of alcohol already present in your system and your body type will all have a role to play in bringing on a hangover.


Myth 3: Coffee with cure it!

It won’t, in fact, it would actually worsen it. If a hangover has set in, it means that your system is sufficiently dehydrated. Although, a cup of coffee could make you feel a bit more alert, it will intensify the dehydration even further. All you need is plenty of water to hydrate your system and an aspirin to cure the headache!


Myth 4: A heavy meal will do the trick!

In most cases, it will not. Ideally, you should be eating right before drinking starts, in order to avert a hangover. Prefer a heavy, greasy meal before the drinks arrive. The grease in the food will slacken the pace of alcohol absorption thereby, preventing early morning hangovers. Make sure youdrink enough water to keep your hydration levels intact.

Myth 5:
Whisky before Beer, no fear!

Wrong! Hangovers simply do not depend on the order in which you have your drinks. It depends on the amount of alcohol that has been absorbed into your system. Therefore, whether its wine after beer or whisky before wine, the results are not likely to differ in any way.

There is nothing wrong in enjoying a few drinks occasionally, but make sure you are aware of the myths about hangovers, so  they can be warded off easily.


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