Muslim Footballers Fasting during Ramadan

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Aug 29, 2011

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FootballerFootball team managers and coaches in England have more to worry about than just players’ fitness, their weekly tests, providing exercise plans and implementing a diet plan. For the Muslims in the Premier and Football League of England, the month of Ramadan poses a problem of faith versus professional obligations.

The month of Ramadan which stretches from August 1 to 29 this year brings the religious obligation of giving up food and liquid during daytime. Many Muslim footballers decide to stick to their practice even during match days. On being questioned about the wisdom of observing the energy dimming religious practice, the players affirm that their Islamic upbringing, which has instilled firm belief in strict adherence to this practice, is too important to neglect.

There are some other Mohammedan players who are not as strict in observing these fasts. They would give up fasting on the match day and the day before, for training. There is one player who said that he becomes more inclined to get injured after observing fasts in the days of Ramadan. That is when he took the reasonable decision of not adhering to it strictly. With the religious loyalty of the devotees, it can become a tricky situation for the football team management.

The football authorities in UK have not come out with definite guidelines on this, but it is possible with many Muslim players becoming a part of top football leagues of Europe. Since the month of Ramadan is inevitable every year, football teams’ think tanks may soon have to accommodate this aspect of their Mohammedan players in the preparation plans.


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