Music Therapy For Children With Learning Disabilities

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Dec 19, 2011

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A child is said to be suffering from learning disabilities, when he or she finds it difficult to understand and use sensory information the way a normal child would. It means that whatever the child sees and hears, he/she understands and interprets the information differently than others. Each learning disorder is different than the others and varies from child to child.

One common misconception is that these children are not intelligent.The only difference is that they perceive the things differently than other kids. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for it and hence the need for different therapies likes physical therapy, occupational therapy and music therapy . Let us look at how useful is music therapy for children with learning disabilities.

The benefits of music therapy have long since gained appreciation and there is no need why this therapy will not work for children with learning disabilities. According to the American Music Therapy Association children with learning disabilities are quick to respond to music therapy since music is processed by a different part of the brain.


This helps children to assimilate and understand more information. Also, different types of music like slow and comforting music helps the children to calm down emotionally too. Music therapy also works wonders as it helps the children to become creative by channeling their frustration in a more amicable way. The children also find it easier to communicate and express better.


Children with learning disabilities cannot stay focused and cannot maintain concentration. With the help of music therapy, these children learn to focus better and are also able to retain information. Not only this, music therapy works for children with learning disabilities since it helps children improve their concentration abilities, which help them to use their intelligence to the maximum.


Children with learning disabilities are weak in hand eye coordination and coordination of muscle movements. Music therapy helps them to improve this coordination in a soothing manner giving them a sense of independence and self-confidence.

Music makes these children calm and uplifts their moods, it helps them gain a sense of independence and also helps the children learn better, thereby increasing their confidence.


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