Mushroom Salad recipe

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Nov 21, 2011

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Salads and dieting can be the best of friends. Also, it is one of those dishes where you can freely experiment too!


Key Ingredients: 1 ½ mixed herbs (that includes mint, basil, parsley, coriander leaves), 150 grams mushroom (cleaned and boiled), salt as per taste, 2 tablespoon lime juice, pinch of pepper powder.


Slice the mushrooms horizontally through the stem. Mix the remaining ingredients & toss well. You are all set for another tasty health-trip!


Nutri-check: Limejuice is the prime source of vitamin C and it acts as an alkali to acid-formation in stomach. Mushrooms have a high protein-content in them and some amount of minerals too. You can also experiment by adding pasta segments, tomatoes and bell peppers in it.



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