Mulberry Juice Shrinks Wrinkles

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Jun 16, 2011

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Mulberry JuiceDrink a lot of mulberry juice and get rid of your wrinkles, says a study conducted by Brunswick Laboratories in US. There are many constituents of mulberry that lead to improvement of your skin. Healthy eating afficionados have something new to note. This research is of great benefit to those who use naturopathy for maintain their health and also advocate it.

Mulberries have 79 percent more anti-oxidants than all super fruits including cranberries. Another compound found in mulberry is resveratrol that is found in red wine and known as the component that makes your day good. It also stops the deterioration of vision and greying of hairs. Moreover, mulberry juice can also protect against cancers that affect lungs, colon and prostate. Such wonderful properties make it one heck of a super fruit!

With the various anti-ageing properties for skin, from preventing start of wrinkles and greying hair to prevention of certain cancers, mulberry juice is one super fruit that has great health benefits. It is also used in homemade soaps, lotions and facial beauty treatments. This gives you the advantage of direct skin application of the antioxidants with other helpful compounds.

Lessen your wrinkles and get a tighter, more attractive skin. It is also a much more viable alternative to medical procedures such as botox and others. The anti-ageing properties allow for much smoother skin without the expense and complications involved in medical procedures. Health benefits like fighting the signs of ageing and preventing cancer by drinking a delectable fruit juice is not such a bad idea!


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