Most Common Skin Allergies

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Jan 18, 2013

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Most common skin allergiesSkin allergies frequently cause swelling, rashes and inflammation in skin. Some of the common types of skin allergies are mentioned below:

Atopic Dermatitis

Popularly known as eczema, atopic dermatitis is inflammation of epidermis (outer skin layer). On an average 5.7 million .i.e. one in every nine people has been diagnosed with eczema.


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Atopic dermatitis mostly occurs in young children and may continue into adult life. In eczema the rash it typically red in colour, has small blister, and may flake as well. With aggressive scratching the problem is excoriated. Rashes on this particular type of skin allergy occur when a person scratches the skin.

  • During infancy these rashes occur on cheeks, chest and scalp.
  • In older children and adults the rashes are typically present on skin folds of the elbows, neck, hands, feet, face, behind the knees and back.



This type of skin allergy occurs when skin comes into contact with substance that can cause rash like reaction. People respond to different chemicals in a different manner. Chemicals such as cosmetics, hair dye, metals, topical medications and dental materials are some of the chemicals that can lead to this type of skin allergy.


Urticaria is a type of skin allergy wherein, there are notable pale red, itchy and raised bumps. Urticaria is commonly known as hives and can occur at any age. The rashes appear as red raised bumps of different shapes and sizes. The problem usually lasts from few minutes to few hours. Even in this small time frame it can be a nerve wracking experience for the person.
If you are having this particular skin allergy then make sure that you don’t scratch them, this can excoriate the problem.


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Angioedema is commonly referred to as swelling. Mostly this problem occurs along with hives. Lips, eyes, hands and feet are areas prone to swelling. Angioedema tends to create burning and tickling sensation in skin but is generally not red or itchy. In case of severe swelling, skins ability to breathe is hampered and can be even dangerous as well as life-threatening.

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