Modified Chocolate a Day keeps Ageing Away

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May 30, 2012

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Modified Chocolate a Day keeps Ageing AwayScientists at Biotechnology firm Lycote in the UK have good news for all the chocolate lovers-eating modified chocolates a day slows the ageing process. The scientists have modified chocolate with an ingredient that they developed named Coco-Lycosome, which boosts cocoa flavanols power by up to 20 times compared with unmodified chocolate.

Cocoa flavanols are molecules present in chocolate that promote skin oxygenation, which is a key to slowing the ageing process. The researchers reported that a small chunk of the modified chocolate has the same anti-ageing properties as two bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk. The researchers also added that they are hoping their discovery could transform chocolates into anti-ageing drugs.

Eating two chocolates a day to reverse the ageing of skin may be good news for chocoholics but not everyone loves to eat chocolate enough to have two bars per day. Dr Petyaev, Founder, Lycotec, said that the extra ingredient has no impact on the taste or texture of chocolates, is 100% healthful and ready for the market. Dr Petyaev added that not everyone can benefit from the ingredient without compromising health and habits.

Although, the scientists have come up with enough evidence to prove that the ingredient is healthy and accountable for slow ageing, nutritionists are willing to see more evidence. Dr Carrie Ruxton said that they are sure the flavanols are molecules that cause a problem in absorption and therefore, the theory works in favour of the scientists, but they would like to proceed with the dialogue once some concrete end points that the consumers will experience are discovered. Ruxton added that one must weigh the merits of the flavanols against its detrimental effects on health. While there may be a slow ageing process, eating chocolates everyday may lead to an increase in calories and saturated fat.



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