Mediterranean Diet ward off Heart Disease

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Feb 26, 2013

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Mediterranean Diet wards off Heart DiseaseA study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that that Mediterranean diet can drastically reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. The research results imply that up to 30 percent of heart attacks, strokes and deaths were reduced among people.


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The subjects of the trial were 7,447 Spaniards who were overweight, smoked or were at risk of heart disease like diabetes. They did not have any cardiovascular disease when they enrolled in the assessment.


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The randomised trial tested the effects of a Mediterranean diet on one group against other group who were on a low-fat diet for primary cardiovascular prevention. It was found that Mediterranean diet is far more effective than a simple low-fat diet for heart health.

Earlier, studies have suggested the general benefits of the Mediterranean diet, but this is the first research which measured the Mediterranean diet's effect on cardiovascular diseases.



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