Medical Tests Men in their 30s should Take

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Jan 26, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Check your BMI from time to time to keep excessive fat away.
  • Prevent heart problems and diseases by checking cholesterol levels regularly.
  • Get regular appointments with the dermatologist for skin check-ups.
  • Keep blood pressure levels under check for a healthy life.

Most of us men do not think of the consequences that our two-pack-a-day cigarette and continual devotion to alcohol can have for us. By the time we even come to realise that all that these did us was bad, we would already be a ticking time bomb.

Medical TestsNo matter how healthy you may look outside, you could be developing all sorts of heart problems inside after crossing the 30s threshold. Scientists and other experts, who worked hands on with people as young as you, said that signs of chronic diseases like atherosclerosis start cropping very early in life. If you didn’t know already, testicular cancer is the most common among men in their 30s. So, pick a bottle of water, head to a diagnostics centre and do the following tests.


Most men who found it a breeze to stay slim in their 20s find it hard to keep at it when they step into the 30s. Checking the BMI will help you know which parts of your body are storing excessive fat so you can get hold of them and put them to workout. One of the parts of the body that is most exposed to build-up of fat is the belly and belly fat can attract a variety of heart problems.


Cholesterol is assumed to be a medical condition, but it is not. Knowing your level of cholesterol will help you pre-determine if you are susceptible to develop heart diseases or not. On checking your cholesterol levels, you must aim to not just keep your LDL levels low, but also to keep the HDL level high.


Checking the skin may be rubbed off as a woman’s thing, but it is as important for men as it is for anyone else. Get yourself an appointment with a dermatologist because you do not want to lose your nose or any other part of the skin to basal cell carcinoma. Dermatologists popularly recommend skin check-ups every few years.

Blood Pressure

Checking blood pressure is as simple as it looks, but is several times more important than you can ever imagine. It is in fact, one of the most important checks you must go through every now and then. It has been estimated that at least one in every five adults suffers from an elevated blood pressure i.e. hypertension. When the blood pressure readings are higher than what they should be, there is unnecessary amount of pressure put on the heart, thus leaving one at the risk for severe heart problems like stroke and heart attack.

Whether you are young and frolic or have already hit mid-life crisis, these check-ups are very important for you. Make sure that you do them regularly or follow-up as your physician recommends.


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