Media Multitasking can Lead to Anxiety

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Dec 07, 2012

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Media multitasking can lead to anxiety

You may have thought you are ambidextrous, but did you wonder what the cause of your sudden surge in anxiety is? It is just that, your ambidexterity. According to a new study by the Michigan State University, using different forms of media at the same time can cause one to suffer from acute forms of anxiety. Becker said that he was stunned to discover the close relationship between media multitasking and mental problems.


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Becker added that there is no assurance on whether the multitasking is the reason why people have symptoms of depression or social anxiety or that people are turning to media to distract themselves. While the use of media among the youth of America has increased by 20% in the previous decades, the amount of time that is spent on multitasking with media has shot by 120% during the same period. This study has been published in the journal titled Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking.


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