Massage Therapy for Back Pain Relief

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Oct 30, 2012

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Massage Therapy for Back Pain Relief

Massage therapy is a natural way of treating back pain. It simply unlocks the muscular and bone movements giving instant relief. An ice massage is one of the most commonly given massage therapies for back pain.


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Massage therapy enhances blood circulation in the muscles and tissues. It prohibits the lymph fluids from aggregating in the tissues, thereby avoiding any blockage. Generally, back pain occurs due to muscle strain surrounding the lower bones of the spinal cord. Also, if a person has had an injury to his/her spine, there may be inflammation and pain in the back.


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Ice massage therapy is a highly effective way of treating back pain. It relieves back pain in the following ways:

  • Ice prevents or decreases swelling and any kind of inflammation caused due to tissue damage. Reduction in swelling helps relieve one from pain.
  • Ice numbs the cells and tissues surrounding the damaged area. It causes blood vessels to narrow down, thereby decreasing the temperature of the tissues. So, the pain subsides automatically giving an instant relief.
  • It also slows down the functioning of nerve impulses in that area preventing any nerve interaction between the tissues and the brain.
  • It also improves tissue damage and muscular tension.


It is always recommended that one undergo massage therapy just after an injury to stop any further tissue damage. After the ice massage therapy, the constricted blood vessels get relaxed, thereby permitting the blood to rush through the veins to the affected area. Blood brings necessary nutrients and oxygen to the area resulting in tissue regeneration.


Massage therapy resolves muscle twitches and any irregularities in the muscle by releasing stress and tension. This helps in reducing pain. Moreover, applying uniform pressure on the spinal area distributes the pressure, thereby reducing back pain. It gives quick, instant and fast relief without any side-effects.


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