Managing Morning Sickness at Work

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Aug 01, 2012

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Managing Morning Sickness at WorkMorning sickness is one of the common pregnancy symptoms, which is experienced by pregnant women as early as in the first trimester. For working women, dealing with morning sickness may turn out to be a difficult task. Common signs of morning sickness include nausea, headaches and vomiting, which usually subside in the morning itself but lasts entire day for some.

How can you Cope with Morning Sickness at Work

1. Breathe deeply

Deep breathing can help body and mind to relax. Headaches in the morning are usually caused by limited oxygen supply to the brain. You can practise yoga with the help of an instructor. Alternatively, practice simple breathing exercises, wherein you breathe in slowly through nose and breathe out slowly through mouth.

2. Get moving

Make sure you take a break and get out of the confined spaces at work. This will help divert your mind besides relaxing abdominal muscles and avoiding strains.

3. Cool yourself before stepping out

Morning sickness may make body hot. Make sure that you cool it down before leaving home for office. During winter, you can stay outdoors for a while to catch cold air, whereas in summers you can use an ice pack to cool your head. Cooling yourself will help bring body back to its normal temperature.

4. Tell your colleagues

Managing work might become difficult, therefore, try and ask your colleagues for help. They will help you arrange things, thereby making tasks easier for you.

5. Take rest

Don’t overburden yourself or drag yourself to work every day. Give yourself a break from the busy working schedule during seventh and eighth week of pregnancy, when morning sickness starts to peak. Off-time from work will relieve stress and prepare you, physically as well as mentally.

6. Keep snacking

Keep plenty of snacks around you. Snacking options must be healthy, which include fruits, corn and nuts. The snacks should be free of funky texture or smell to combat nausea. The beverages, such as tea and sparkling water, along with cool water should be kept around workstation to keep a check on nausea. Avoid coffee, soda and other beverages that aggravate morning sickness.

Managing morning sickness along with work is one of the most digficult things during pregnancy. Follow the above mentioned guidelines so that your sickness is kept in deliberate check and prepare you for motherhood.


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