Make Music to Encourage Teamwork in Kids

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Sep 07, 2013

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  • Children seems to be more encouraged when working in a team with music.
  • Those who were listening to music while working were about 30 times more likely to help others than those who weren't.
  • Girls were found to be twenty times more helpful than boys.
  • Study said that music encourage pupils with learning differences and emotional difficulties to feel less alienated.

teamwork encouraged by musicA study has revealed that making music can help boost children’s helpfulness, cooperation and problem solving skills. In the study 24 boys and 24 girls who were 4 year old were assigned into two groups. While one was the music group, the other was the non-music group. While the music group sang and played a percussion instrument those in the non-music group simply listened to a story.

The children then played games that were meant to assess the helpfulness and problem solving abilities. Upon which it was found that those in the music group were over 30 times more likely to help others in comparison to the ones in the non music group. Also, those in music group were six times more likely to cooperate with others and four times more likely to solve problems. Girls were found to be twenty times more likely to be helpful than boys and also they were seen cooperating more than usual.

Study author Rie Davies who is an undergraduate student in the School of Psychology at the University of West London said, "This study provides support for prior research, and also highlights the need for schools and parents to understand the important role music making has in children's lives in terms of social bonding and helping behaviors."

"Music making in class, particularly singing, may encourage pupils with learning differences and emotional difficulties to feel less alienated in the school environment," Davies added.

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