Make X-mas a little more special for your children

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Jan 21, 2011

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Christmas is a magical time of the year for little children when they sit down to write letters to Santa, pleading their case that they've been super good this year and deserve the toy that they desire the most.


As a parent you can make Christmas time even more special for your children with the investment of a little time or money. You can make your child feel special by doing simple things. You can take time out of your busy schedule during holiday season and perhaps watch a fun-filled Christmas movie that puts all the family members in splits.


If you are the experimenting kinds and know your way around the kitchen then you can bake your children some Christmas cookies that have funny shapes. It does not matter what you do but the fact that you are doing all of this together as a family. These small moments spent together may not seem like such a big deal now, but they will stand out when they remember 'growing up' during Christmas.


Obviously you would have a Christmas tree set up in that special corner of your house. You will use your own creative side to decorate it all up. But what will be even better is to take inputs from the little ones in your house. You can use their help to decorate it  by making little cutouts in thermocol and making it look like snow on the Christmas trees or even make small star cut outs. Most importantly, once the tree is all dressed up you can make sure that the big star  on top of the Christmas tree is put up by your child. Remember, children like to be given small responsibilities so this small act will remain  etched in their minds forever.


Make sure you nestle all your gifts for your family right under the Christmas tree, this will imbibe the quality of doing something special for your loved ones on this auspicious day.


Children today are far smarter than they ever were. They will ask you questions with conviction and want you to prove it too. They will want to know if Santa really exists and so you will have to be well prepared to prove them right. You can bake some cookies and leave a glass of milk on the table, to find your children tempted to wake up in the middle of the night only to find crumbs and an empty glass.


This is indeed a very old tradition but that makes it all the more special. You can go one step ahead of that and make them speak to Santa on the phone. It's more fun when Santa calls out their  name on the phone and congratulates them  for being an excellent kid.


If you indeed have really small kids who would believe in whatever you said then you should definitely bring along a fat man dressed as Santa Claus to come to your place and bring home lots of goodies for your children along with a warm hug and plenty of love.  Last but not the least, spread the joy of Christmas by giving whatever you want to people you know as well as strangers as Christmas is all about giving.



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