Low thyroid levels in blood may increase risk of type II diabetes

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Apr 04, 2016

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A new study presented in 98th annual Endocrine Society meeting shows the link between low levels of thyroid hormone in blood and risk of type II diabetes.


thyroid linked to diabetes


The study was conducted amongst 8500 people with average age of 60. All participants had blood tests to measure their blood sugar and thyroid function.The procedure was followed for 2-3 years on regular time intervals and the record was maintained properly.It was found that people having low or  borderline levels of thyroid in blood are prone to develop diabetes type II.


Even  the person having prediabetic stage should keep a check on their thyroid levels.The prediabetic stage is defined as borderline elevation of sugar level and indicates the induction of diabetes in coming years if left unnoticed .


In this study blood thyroid levels were monitered for long term to see the results.

It was found that in long term low levels of blood thyroid increases the risk of diabetes induction by 13

For prediabetic people the risk was found to be 40% as the thyroid gland release relatively low levels of thyroid here.

The present studies focus more on lower levels of  thyroid and type I diabetes relation.The occurrence of type II diabetes is more common in older people with prevailing hypothyroidism.

The exact corelation of thyroid function for induction of type II diabetes is still unknown.


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